Friday, September 07, 2007

Megan has been found!!

This is not one of those "forwards" - this is an honest missing child. She is a friend of mine's daughter. She is a runaway, and her mom is going crazy worrying about her. The *ACTUAL* newspaper link is here. Megan's mom has set up a myspace page and this is what it says.

Megan Gravener has been missing since around 2:30 pm on Sunday September 2, 2007.

She is approximately 5'5-5'6 has blue eyes and blonde hair. She weighs approximately 120-130 pounds.

Megan is on medication that requires she take it daily. It is imperative we find her soon.

She was last seen wearing a gray t-shirt and shorts. She may be carrying a backpack with her. She likes to wear her hair peeled back into a pony tail. She was sighted at LeRoy Jackson park Sunday morning, and she likes to hang out there and the skatepark, but has not been seen in that area since Sunday.

If you have ANY information about Megan's whereabouts, or if you have seen or heard from her, PLEASE send a message right away to
Or Please call the Ridgecrest Police Department at 760-499-5100

ANY and ALL help is Greatly Appreciated!!

We are very worried about Megan and want to get her home safe and sound. She is very loved and very missed.

Please do what you can to help Find Megan and bring her home. I will update as I know anything. Again, This is NOT a forward or a spam email I received. This is a genuine 15 year old girl that I know her mom and consider her a friend. Please help!! Prayers, good thoughts, positive vibes are all appreciated.
Until next time...

PS By the way - my other grandma is dying. She has cancer and they have stopped all chemo and radiation treatments and are bringing in hospice. Nice, huh? What NEXT?

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