Monday, August 07, 2006



Life is rather interesting around here. *Insert major sarcastic tone here*

So, my wonderful job, that I came home EVERY day saying, "I LOVE MY JOB" - yeah, well, it got put on furlow. For 90 days - at least. So, as compensation for starting me, and then not having a job for me, they put me to work with hubby - at least at hubby's company. Yeah. Morning, noon, and evening I'm riding with my hubby. Can you say fun? Seriously, it's not bad, not bad at all, but really. Work is the ONLY place that I have friends that aren't the same ones hubby has... and now, EVERYONE knows he's my hubby. It's hard to hide the last name. It's rather unique. So... fun stuff. I have to be on my best behavior so I can be a good representative of the main company so I can go back to saying, "I LOVE MY JOB" and I have to be a good representative of hubby, because, you know, he brings home the big bucks in our family.

I added new pics of the pups on the side. They are four weeks old. Four more weeks and they get to go to new homes. I'm happy and sad all at once. We bought a playpen and have put them in there during the day to give mama dog a break. She still gets them every evening.

And what is up with this HEAT?! Did someone let hell out? I'm thinking there is a leak or something. It's just HOT. 100+ degrees EVERY FRIGGIN DAY this week. Do you know how HOT that is on a bike??? MAN.

And while I'm bellyachin - what's up with GAS prices? SHEIT! We can't afford to not ride the bike to work. Even with my little tracker that takes NO gas whatsoever - like 28mpg. (not too bad anyway) We're even talking about buying me a bike. I'm going to have to learn to really ride well - but I'm thinking it's going to be happening really soon.

Oh, and don't think I didn't remember Craig's birthday. I cried most of the day. I still miss my friend every day.

SO, that's my update and my complaints. Somebody say HI! Let me know it's still worth posting once in a while...

Until next time...


TheRenYouKnow said...


OHMYGODSOCUTE! You must send one to me, post haste! Hehe.

Too bad on the job thing, but at least you're still working for the moment! I think I would end up killing the manbeast though, if I were working with him all day too.

And gas prices are huge here as well. Almost cripling for me. It used to be that I could fill my car up on $20. Now it's almost $50. *sigh* Stupid wars.

Nicole said...

Hey Michelle - I have no idea if you even remember me from many years ago. I did NaNoWriMo (22 Pills) and you were one of my biggest supporters and I've thought about you many times over the past few years. I got out of blogging for awhile due to some job related stuff, but things have calmed down and I actually have spare time to start all over again and catch up with everyone's lives. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi. :)

Anonymous said...

Nicole - I definitely remember you! I'm so glad you came by!!!

Thank you!