Monday, July 10, 2006



We have PUPPIES!! Ten of them. SEVEN girls and THREE boys. I am so excited! See the pictures on the side!

Golden Retriever Pups. Momma dog got into some trouble, and had to have an emergency cesarean, and then had to be spayed - her uterus ruptured inside her - EWW. But she pulled through surgery just fine. Dad is scared for his life - mom is trying to kill him - she's very protective of her pups.

We've already got buyers asking for the pups. I'm giving one to a service organization here in Tulsa so that she can be of use to someone who needs her.

I'm having so much fun with the pups. They are SO funny! I've had to bottle feed them until mom got in her milk... fortunately, she now has it - so I'm not up every two hours. Although I have to say, feeding them has been SO cool!!!

Kiddo is enjoying them too. Our world has started to revolve around puppies...

and this weekend - POW WOW! YUM! Pow Wow food! WONDERFUL! Pow Wow drums! BEAUTIFUL! Pow Wow dancer's Costumes. I love Pow Wow! It's one of my favorite times of year... except that I work my ass off, it's hotter than hell, and I'm not positive we get to go to the arena this year either due to deaths in the family - so I'll REALLY be working my ass off... that's what I get for being the 'token white woman' - but really, it's all worth it. It is SO very worth it. I love PowWow!!

Until next time...
Go see puppy pictures on Flickr!

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TheRenYouKnow said...

I finally got to see them this evening. Haven't been able to get to flickr at all for a while. They're beautiful little wriggly sausages.

I'd love one for myself. :) Do take more pictures as they get older.