Thursday, June 22, 2006



So, today is my 10 year anniversary. I got a beautiful boquet of flowers for my anniversary. My hubby and I are going to go to dinner when he gets home. Right now, he's in MN. for work. Lovely, no? He's going to be there until Saturday. He was supposed to be home Friday, but he's not. He's been gone since the 11th. I just love work travel.

On more positive news, I got the job!!! I started this week! I love it!

I also was smart enough to go to the doctor and get my meds changed. So, my meds have been upgraded. I'm thinking they are working much better than the old ones were.

On a negative note, the kid has had his injury already this year for the fourth of July curse. He had a sparkler spark onto his eye. So far, there is no damage to his actual eye, but there is damage to his eyelid, and just below his eye. So, I'm praying that this means that we're done with this year's injury, and that we won't make up for the last two years by having more injuries. I HATE this time of year. HATE IT! The sparklers WERE the only things that I liked, so I compromised and let the kid light one of last year's sparklers for me and one for him, and low and behold, he gets hurt. I give up. I honestly think that this kid will eventually die on the fourth of July. (HOPEFULLY WHEN HE'S 110!!!, probably blowing something up!)

So, that's my news. Happy Anniversary to me. Happy Anniversary to hubby.
Until next time~

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Roni said...

1) Congrats on the anniversary & the job! Yay!

2) Sorry to hear about the sparkler. I hope that's all that happens this year. And thanks for giving me more fodder to keep sparklers outta the house. They give me the willies.

Love to the kid. and you!!