Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Stolen from a friend of a friend...
Women in Media and News, a kick-ass media training and monitoring organization needs your support! Come on my friends!!

From the director of WMN: "Often, media activism requires an investment of time, self-education and energy. Not today—for the rest of this month, there's a quirky, 30-seconds-a-day way to support Women In Media & News, the women's media analysis, education and advocacy group I direct.

Veronica Arreola, an amazing Latina feminist activist and board member of Women In Media & News (WIMN), has been selected from thousands of nominees as one of ten finalists for the "Swiffer Amazing Woman of the Year" contest. Your vote will help determine if she's chosen as one of five winners.

This is not just a silly PR effort for a cleaning product company -- if Veronica is chosen as one of the company's five Amazing Women, Swiffer will donate $5,000 to WIMN! As a small, grassroots organization, WIMN can really put that money to good use. Roni, a passionate feminist and media activist (and I think the only woman of color on the Swiffer list) needs the support of the blogger community to make that happen. In addition to her work with WIMN, Veronica is involved with local women's rights and women's health projects in Chicago, is active one a national level as a leader with the National Organization for Women, and works with young women in science and engineering at the University of Illinois.

Please encourage everyone who cares about women—and who cares about the media—to vote for Veronica Arreola (she's Amazing Woman #7 in the list) here"

This is My words...
I know Veronica, and I am pulling for her - I would seriously appreciate your supporting her as well! :)

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