Monday, April 24, 2006


Positive. I am still trying very hard to be my positive self. It's getting easier again.

I made an "A" in my math course. I was so proud of myself. It's the first "A" I've made in math since the seventh grade when one of my best friends did all the work and let me cheat off her paper. I just don't have a head for math... but I did it! WOO HOO!

I had an interview with a company that I really want to go to work for. They are within ten miles of my home. I will finally be able to work in my own town - IF I get the job. My sweet son has said a prayer for me to get the job since he found out about the interview. I made it through the first interview, and on to the second one. I will keep praying for the job.

I start my new class tonight as well. I'm excited about it.

So, wish me luck on my prospects for the job, and I will let you know when I know...
Until next time.

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