Monday, November 21, 2005


Nothing major going on in our lives right now. Kiddo is doing fabulous. He and hubby have gone hunting already once this season, and both had a wonderful time. Hubby said that it was the most fun he had ever had while hunting with kiddo - so it's all great!

I'm working on some beading projects for Christmas presents. I have more ideas than I have knowledge, so I'm trying to learn quickly to get some extra stuff done. Christmas presents may be home made this year for some. Aren't those the BEST kind? I love getting home made Christmas presents. LOVE it love it love it.

Hubby is feeling better. My Grandma got the best news of all -- she's cancer free. Radiation and Chemo worked. She's in remission. WOO HOO!!!! My great uncle died. I'm sad for my family, but it was his time, so I'm ok.

Happy Thanksgiving! Do we all have a lot to be thankful for this year or what? I know that I do. How about telling me just one thing you are thankful for this year... just leave it in my comments. Go on... you can do it. Act like we're all sitting around the table after eating a huge meal, and just talking. Just tell me one thing. I'll do the same... please? Come on... just one.

I'll start: Mine's easy - I'm thankful for my readers. I'm thankful for you. You give me feedback, you give me ideas, you give me validation, you give me a kick in the pants (as much as you can through comments and email), you give me inspiration, you give me faith, you give me thought, you give me peace. I'm thankful for YOU. Now, go on... it's your turn. Please? See, I know you can. Just leave me a comment on one thing you are thankful for....


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