Friday, November 04, 2005


I added new pictures to my Flicker Account. Several of our Halloween Pictures... and some "Air Guitar" pictures... and some football pictures.

Kiddo had a great time trick or treating and he enjoyed his friends.

Football has been great. We are almost done. This week is the last week of football. It's been a long season. I'm glad we're almost done - I miss it when he's not playing, but I am so glad when it's over.

Hubby's asthma has been bad this week. Several health issues lately in our family. Hubby's uncle is very ill. My dad had his bottom teeth pulled. Hubby has been in the ER with his asthma. My grand-dad has been ill. I'm tired of my family being ill. It's so hard to deal with all the different stresses.

SO, that's my weekly update.

Until next time...

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