Thursday, September 08, 2005

Just call me 'Grace'

I fell. I hurt myself. Nothing broken. Nothing serious. But I have a rather sizable bruise on my right hip, and my left knee doesn't like my weight. I know, I'm so Graceful...

Next Friday is my birthday. For anyone who cares. I'm supposed to be too old for these things, but I really enjoy the attention. (Don't tell my friends that I admitted to it - they all know it already!) I like being told 'Happy Birthday' and having someone smile at me. Instead of presents, I'm asking for a raise at work, and I'm trying to refinance my house. That way, I can pay off our bills, have a Christmas, and not have to work both jobs. That would make me a very happy person. If you can't do that, just send M & M's. (plain)

Speaking of... second job... it's going fine. I have no real worries there. It's easy. I'm working every night next week except my birthday though. That part sucks. And, no, it's not for just an hour. Next week I work from 6 - 9:30 every night. Darn it. OH well.

Well, I'd better get back to work. Again... just call me 'Grace'.

Until next time.

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