Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Things are somewhat back to normal... as normal as my life gets anyway. Normal for us. And I won't even get into the discussion about "What is NORMAL anyway?" for this post.

Kiddo is home, he is happy to be home. He is three feet under my butt, and he is clingy for an eleven year old... he's clingy for him - but he's home. He had fun, and he wants to go again, so I'll suffer through again...

Football has started. Not officially for another five days, but football camp has started, so to us, football has started. Kiddo is changing teams this year. Part of him feels like a sell-out abandoning his team, but he wasn't happy there, and it almost ruined him on the sport, so we traded teams. We went to one that our friend coaches... he's going to be hard on the kid, but I think that kiddo will learn more, and will be a stronger player for it. Hopefully, he won't be so ascenine about kiddo missing for Scouts as the last coach was.

So, that's life. Things are good...

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