Monday, August 01, 2005

Happy Birthday and More

Happy Birthday Craig!!! I can’t believe you are so OLD! (HAHA! I am only teasing love!) I am proud of how well you are doing in school, and I’m glad you are doing ok with Kelli! I love ya babe... always...

Now for the more...

I wrecked my truck... Before you ask, I’m fine. Ok, well, I’m OK. I’m not seriously injured. My truck is better than I expected it to be. The only thing that is wrong with it is the bumper. It has a wonderful hole in the middle where I hit the trailer receiver hitch on my husband’s truck. Yep. I wrecked, I hit my husband. Nice, huh? Didn’t do one ounce of damage to the pickup... but my little tracker... well... about $500.00 worth of damage. Which again, is much better than I expected it to be. And before you ask, no, it wasn’t on purpose, and no, I wasn’t mad at him, and no, he didn’t call the police on me. And yes, he and the kid are fine. I was the one who came out on the short end of the stick with this one. And now he has even more of a reason to say that I can’t drive.

My grams pacemaker quit. The battery wore out. I know they say that the batteries are good for 10 years – don’t count on it. The warranty is only for five years. And they are really only expected to last five to seven years. SO, hers just quit. It’s been replaced now. She is tired, and she is SORE as all get out... but she will be good to go in a couple of weeks.

My other grandma starts Chemotherapy again this week. She had a two week break, and now she starts again. MMM fun. Not.

Hubby’s aunt had the prayer meeting for her this weekend. It was ok... not quite what I expected, but nice. I think it was put together in a hurry, so it wasn’t quite like the other prayer meetings I’ve been to – there was no Teepee put up this time, and no elders praying all night. Just the family there and her being smoked and us praying for her. Kiddo thought it was ok. And if all these prayers work, then we will be much happier. She really looked good though – for all she’s been through – she looks fabulous.

Kiddo starts football practice tonight. We didn’t get on the coach’s team that we wanted on to begin with, but we didn’t get on the team we were with either, so that is a good thing. We’re pretty happy with the team we will be on, and hopefully, these parents will be a little more in tune with hubby and I and we won’t feel like such outsiders. I went to six practices in a row last year without one person saying hello to me first. I had to make them speak to me... I wasn’t in their “click”. So, kiddo never got invited anywhere to go with the team members, and it just wasn’t a lot of fun for any of us... and the coach practiced from sun up to sun down... for fifth graders. This new sixth grade coach that we have will practice from 6:30 – 8:30 not from 5:30 – 9:00. I’m thrilled with this. THRILLED! Also, when this coach saw that kiddo was back in the draft, he worked HARD to get him... so he WANTS kiddo on his team. So, this is good news to us. I think that kiddo will be happier, and that we will be happier and things will be easier with football... I hope. I guess I’ll see tonight.

I guess this is all, my wrist is killing me, so I’m off to do something else so I don’t have to type as much for a while.

Until next time...
Ya’ll drive SAFE! (Watch out for little white tracker’s and don’t stop short in front of me!)

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