Friday, June 03, 2005

A MEME for you to enjoy~

1. Total Number of Books I've Owned:

I have no idea for certain. I’m constantly giving my books to others so I can get new ones given to me. I currently have three book cases full of books, and truly need another one – and that is after I’ve given away the last two hundred... I’m really not the best at reading though – because I don’t do it near enough... see, I’m one of those obnoxious kinds of people. When I get a new book, (notice I said NEW book), I read it from cover to cover. I don’t care if it is 10 pages or 10,000 pages. I read cover to cover... I don’t eat, I don’t sleep, I don’t do anything for my family. I stop long enough to pee and to get a new coke to drink while reading... SO, I don’t read new books very often. I know, I’m weird that way – but after I’ve read a book one time, the next time I read it, I read much slower and actually stop in between reading chapters... this also amuses me because I am such a contradiction. I love to read books over and over – but to watch a movie more than one time – I rarely do.

2. Last Book I Bought: The official last book I bought was a Bible for a girl I work with. She asked me if I had a copy and said that she hadn’t owned one in a very long time, so the same day, I went to the store and bought her one. I also bought a road atlas for my mom and kiddo for their vacation. But the last book I bought for me was by SARK
– actually, I bought three at once - Transformation Soup, Inspiration Sandwich, and Succulent Wild Woman

3. Last Book I Read:
I’m currently reading “Dancing in the Arms of God” – for the second or third time. I’m getting ready to pass it on to one of my best friends so she can read it too. I’ve been listening to the full series of Left Behind books on CD so I can have more book time – I’m currently on The Glorious Appearing – the final book of the series. In the middle of all that, I’ve re-read for the umpteenth million time my favorite book of poetry, "Footprints in the Mind" by Javan

4. Five Books That Mean A Lot to Me:

1. My Bible. For more than one reason – first, my son gave it to me. Second, whether you believe it is a book of facts, a history book, or a guide to live life – I rarely open it up that I don’t immediately turn to a passage that makes me feel better.
2. Footprints in the Mind I received my first copy from my Aunt Barbara. This book just is Barb and I. It was definitely written with people like us in mind...
3. Amazing Grace It is a book that is about the hymn Amazing Grace. It has wonderful pictures along with all of the verses of the song. I used this son as a lullaby to my son when he was a baby. He still loves to have me sing it to him. This book was given to me by my Grams and it is one of my very favorites.
4. If I found a Wistful Unicorn I love this book. It’s a light hearted book. My mom got it for me. I love it.
5. This one is harder... because I am trying to limit myself to just five. Therefore, this is going to be the last one for my list...
I think, that this one is: Unicorn of Kilimanjaro because it has some beautiful pictures in it, and it allows one to almost believe that the Unicorn really does still exist in more than fairy tales.

5. Tag five people for this Quiz:
I will tag:
and Ren

So, that’s my meme. Thanks for Tagging me Roni! This was a lot of fun, and it really made me think.

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