Tuesday, May 24, 2005


And oh what a summer we'll have! I wish that we still were off work for the summer time!

Kiddo is going to go to Memphis with my mom June 2. I'm so jealous... but I think he's going to have SO much fun!

He made straight A's in school. Was accepted into all honors classes for the sixth grade. AND he was given this wonderful award at school by the Mason's. It's called the "Student of Today". It is so cool!

I am so proud of my son. I mean, REALLY proud of him. When I was in school, I could never get comfortable in my own skin. Ever. I was the one who could talk to everyone, but unless I initiated the conversations, no one really talked to me - except my few very close friends. It was amazing to watch my son. There was a party at the end of the day - where all the kids gathered for autographs and to play and have a good time... well my son was one of the kids that other kids sought out. HE had a line of kids waiting on him to sign their book. This utterly amazes me. I am so proud of WHO he is. Other kids look up to him. The popular kids were in line for him, the geeks (yes, even at this age, there are geeks) were in line for him... some jocks, and some just plain strange looking kids. He seems to be so comfortable with who he is. With his own skin. I want to be that comfortable in my OWN skin... even today... I pray that no matter what happens to him in life, he is always that comfortable... that he will always know who he is... what he wants... and how to get it.

Bring on the summer... there is so much yet to learn!!!!!!!

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