Thursday, June 30, 2005

Fourth of July

When people are asked what Holiday is their favorite, I am frequently surprised to see that many say the Fourth of July. I am surprised because it has to be my LEAST favorite holiday. I despise this holiday. Not because of what it stands for – because I LOVE what it stands for – I love that it is INDEPENDENCE DAY – I love that we, as American’s, have our Independence, and that we are, for the most part, a free nation. That is, we have many many freedoms that others do not. And I thank servicemen and women every opportunity I have for that freedom. I encourage my son to follow his dream of becoming a service man. I am proud of my father, my grandfather, my cousins, my friends for the prices they have paid for this country. I am a VERY patriotic person... so no, it’s not what the Fourth of July stands for – it’s what it is to me personally... and more specifically, to my son. My child can not seem to go two years in a row without getting hurt. This is SINCE BIRTH. His first 4th of July, his cousin burned his neck with a sparkler – on accident of course. His second 4th, his leg was burned , and so on and so on... one year, we went to the ER because a firecracker exploded IN his eye. We were so very blessed that he did not lose that eye! EVERY YEAR (almost) – my son gets hurt. Not all of it has been HIS fault... but every year, he gets hurt. I DESPISE this time of year. I mean, I really despise it.

So, You all go and have fun... I’m going to go and hide my head in the sand.

Happy Fourth of July – ok, how about HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!!!! (that one I can firmly stand behind!)

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