Friday, May 06, 2005

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY and other updates

Sunday is Mother’s Day for those of you who live under a rock and haven’t seen the billion commercials, fliers, and signs everywhere.

I thought I might explore this ‘motherhood’ thing a moment…

I am a mom. I LOVE being a mom. My son is my life. Over all, everything I do, I do for him, for his benefit, or for me so I can be a better mom to him. I buy books, I question other parents, I pray, I do what is instinct, and I follow examples of other mothers I admire. I have altered my dreams to fit my being a mom. I have made decisions in my life that I would not have made if I did not have my son. And honestly, I have not regretted them simply because my son came first. ALWAYS.

I see other mothers who don’t have the same attitude as I do towards motherhood. Those that are stricter, those that are more lenient, those who choose to put their own happiness above that of their child’s, those who put their child’s happiness above that of the law…

I do my best to be non-judgmental when it comes to my mothering skills. I do not think that I am a bad mom, by any means, but nor do I have the confidence to say that I am the best mom on the planet. I simply know that I am the best mom for MY son.

I am so happy that as an Angel in Heaven, my son looked down upon me and the path that he knew my life might lead, and he still chose to come to me anyway. He still chose me above any and all the other choices out there. I am so proud to be a mom… my Angel’s mom…

And updates. The little boy I was ranting about in my last post is doing better. He is out of ICU, and he is awake and alert and talking as best he can with his face being torn up from a gunshot. He still needs prayers, as he is still considered in critical condition, but he is better, and it is believed he will live.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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