Tuesday, March 22, 2005


So, yeah, I did it. I jinxed the snot out of myself. 'sok. I'm used to it. I do it all the time. I need to find the balance between praises and bragging... maybe that's my problem - I brag? Do I brag? I really thought I was just gracious - but maybe I do brag... hmmm. What do you think, gentle reader?

So, what's going on... Mom came through her surgery great... then promptly went way down hill. Seven days later, she's still not recovered half as well as she did in the first two days of the last surgery. When asked if she'd do it again, she just looked at me. When she can answer me yes - I'll know she's better. Right now, she's at my house, so I can feel better about things. I really am a control freak when it comes to my family.

I got curious the other day and actually looked at my tracker. Found a cool site that I am linked in. WOW. Someone else has me linked! Someone I don't even know! WOW! Talk about a compliment. But that made me even more curious... who are you? I know now that I have a couple of lurkers... not that I have a HUGE following, or that I even have more than three (Michelle, Craig, and Raven) regular readers... so who else is out there? Who else stops by my little place? Say HI, please? Let me know you are there...

Until next time.

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