Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Better here...

Things are looking up around here. Hubby FINALLY passed TWO kidney stones, and my granddad is at home. WOO HOO! Stress is still my friend, but we are slowly starting to not spend every waking moment together... this is a nice break.

I am still worried about a few friends, but glad that my world is settling down for a bit. I also had some good news - if you want to call it that - my father's dilemma is over. As long as he keeps his nose clean, goes to anger management classes, and sees a PO once a month for two years, we're good. And I no longer have to worry about bond. WOO HOO!!! See folkes, I told you that stress and I weren't quite on as good of terms.

Kiddo starts school this week. I can't tell if he's really excited or not. He doesn't like who he got as a teacher, but when I called the principal to have him changed, she didn't want to change him because she felt like he got the best teacher for him - and that the teacher would really challenge him and that he would do very well in her class. I told her we'd give it a shot, but kiddo really doesn't want to do that. He wants out of the class. Plus his best friend is not in the same class, and she has been in his class since we started at that school... so he is a bit on the nervous side starting this year. I just want him to be happy and do well - I for one, know what a bad teacher can do for you at this age.

I guess that's all my updates for right now. I'll write more soonish.

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