Monday, August 09, 2004

Stress is my FRIEND !(?)!??!

Sorry I haven't been around much lately. Things have been a little hectic to say the least. Last Sunday (8/1) I had hubby in the ER for a kidney stone. They gave him some pain meds and sent him home. We were back on Wednesday (8/4) and basically the same thing happened - only this time, they did x-rays and a CAT scan and told us to call a urologist. Before that could happen, I had him back again on Thursday (8/5) and they admitted him. My sweet baby boy was flipping out. He had never seen his daddy cry, he had never seen his daddy throw up (even with the flu - the man simply does not vomit - and he had never seen his daddy in the hospital... and on Thursday, the child got to see all three. So, I tried to send him to home town with my mom so that he could de-stress. He agreed to go on Friday, after he had fallen and busted his lip open, and we'd had a talk about sometimes growing up means that we have to do what's best, and not what we necessarily WANT to do... so Friday, he went to grandma's house. Saturday morning, before 8:00am my granddad had a massive mi. A huge heart attack. Poor child went from one hospital to the other. My mother said that was the hardest phone call she has had to make to me in a very long time... my husband in one hospital in unreasonable pain, and she has to call me to tell me that my grandpa, the man I usually call "Daddy" has had a heart attack and is not doing very well. HOLY SHIT. Stop the world, I wanna get OFF. My stress level went through the roof. So, what the hell was I supposed to do? I mean, my place is with my husband. He IS my husband, and I am supposed to care for him and make sure that he is ok, hell, we didn't know if they were going to do surgery from one doctor's rounds to the next. I know that I have to get my kiddo. I know that I want to see my grandpa. I know that I should not leave my husband. So, I called my mother in law, and she agreed to stay with hubby while I made a flying trip home. I went home and saw my granddad, and picked up my kiddo, fixed my grams a birthday cake (yep, that was on Sunday) and flew home to see that my husband had been released from the hospital without passing the kidney stone. WTF. So as of this 10 seconds, my husband is back in unreasonable pain, my granddad has been flown to OKCity for a heart cath and possibly more surgery, and I am beyond stressed. My kiddo, much to his credit, is amazing. He is weathering this storm like a little trouper. He starts school next week. He hates the teacher they have assigned him - so I have called to try to get his class changed. Life just keeps getting better. Oh, have I mentioned that we are both working temp - yep, that means that there is NO insurance. Niiiiicccceeee. Oh, that also means that the three days I missed last week - no pay. Oh, that also means that the three days that hubby missed last week - no pay. Oh, that also means that if someone will pull their head out of their ass, my husband will be having surgery in the very near future. Its been 8 days for crimminy sakes. Someone do something other than feed the man fucking morphine. Again, however, with no insurance. Oh, that also means, I have no freaking money for gas to get to OKC to see my grandpa, so I get to sit and wait on someone to know anything more than what they knew the last time they called, and to remember to CALL ME. Mom was kind enough to put gas in my car Saturday, so I have enough to get to work this week - fortunately. Yeah, life is getting fun folkes. It gets any funner, and I'm going to have a fucking break down.

I'll update as I can. As I know more.
Keep us in your thoughts. I'm still trying to be the best momma I can be and keep my kid with just enough information that I'm not lying to him, but still keep him in the dark enough that he doesn't give himself a fucking ulcer at 10. He's a smart kid. He respects that I'm not lying to him.
Until I can...

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