Thursday, September 09, 2004

Prayers on the job front PLEASE

I am asking for prayers to whichever God or Goddess you may pray to... I have interviewed for a job that I *WANT*. More than just a "job" - which is something I want - this is THE JOB. I interviewed very well, I tested very well, and I am waiting on my references to be checked - I WANT THIS JOB. The pay is not great - less than I was making - less than I am making as a temp - but the potential is THERE. It is a bonafied Human Resources position. I WANT THIS JOB. Please pray for me.

Hubby's contract job is ending much sooner than we expected. It was supposed to go through March, and now it is looking like it will be November - IF that long. He has been applying through Monster and several others, but so far, nothing. His market is swamped.

All who know me, know that I am not a political person, so please don't take this as a political statement other than - I keep getting told that the economy is getting better. I keep getting told that things are looking up.... I want to know WHERE?!!!? Where is the economy looking good? WHERE are the jobs that pay decent wages? We darned sure don't see them.

Kiddo is fabulous. He has been honored more than once these last few weeks. He has been invited to become a part of People to People - Student Ambassadors. We are waiting on a "Meeting" to be scheduled, so we can find out more about it and how much it's going to cost. If necessary, I will get sponsors from local churches, restaurants, friends and family to let him be a part of this. He also had the principal of his school ask him to be a safety patrolman. So he is doing that!!! Additionally, he was asked by the Pack Leader of his Cub Scouts to perform the "Call to Colors" including leading the pledge and the Scout oath. Finally, his coach has him playing both offense and defense, and said to us that he is doing better and better each practice, that he is really a good football player!

Ah yes, that dreadedly wonderful time of the year. I *LOVE* going and watching him play football. He really is good, and I am learning more about the game than I ever wanted to know... I DREAD going to practice EVERY FREAKING NIGHT (except Wednesday, and Sunday - except this week, when we missed Monday for the holiday, so we made up by practicing Wednesday) for 2 - 2 1/2 hours. Since hubby is working contract - guess who gets to sit with the kid at practice. Yep, good old MOM!

My life has not slowed down one bit. I get up, get ready for work, go to work, work all day, usually taking a very short lunch so I can leave at a decent time - then I go home (fighting traffic the whole way) go in, pee, turn around and leave to go to practice. I am at practice until 8:30 - usually walking the field so I can try to loose more weight. Then we come home, I send kiddo to the bath, I start SOMETHING for dinner or finish whatever I've put in the crockpot, and make sure that kiddo gets to eat... so then hubby comes home, I try to let kiddo spend a few minutes with his dad - then I send him (kiddo) to bed... then I do what laundry I can, clean up the kitchen, make sure that me and the kiddo have clothes to wear for the next day, and fall into bed only to start it all over again. Damn, no wonder I'm exhausted.

Don't you want my life? Actually, it's not bad at all... just tiring and stressful since neither hubby or I have a "real job" - and we don't know what we are going to be able to do about it.

On a positive note, I did ask for a real job for my birthday next week - think maybe this one that I've interviewed for could be it????? PLEASE?!!!!?!!!?!!!

until next time...

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