Monday, July 12, 2004


Hubby got a job!!! It's a contract position, and it's nights, but HE GOT A JOB!!!! The pay is close to what he was making, and it's doing something he knows how to do well... so WOO HOO!!!! It should last until March or so, and hopefully, someone will decide that he's too valuable to let go, and he can go permanent. We are so excited and relieved. Thank you all for your prayers. Now, if I could get a job too.....

Oh, by the way, I am no longer at the last temp assignment... I worked myself out of a job completely. Damned it. It was fun while it lasted, and I sent a "Thank you" note to the boss, and ladies I worked with, and to the staffing place. It's sad. I suck at thank you notes, but lately, I've sent more than I have since my wedding... and I'm not positive I got all those sent.

What else is new... um, got all my bills paid off. Hubby got his 401K check and now we are completely debt free - except of course for the house. (and utilities) but everything else is paid in full - all credit cards, all piddly bills, all medical bills. It is a HUGE relief!!! I mean MAJOR. Come April, somebody remind me of this, please? We are going to get Raped by the government because of this, but when neither of us had a job, it was the best decision we could make. We are even going to start a savings account. I even paid my mom back!!! (mom loans money, I promise to pay, she tells me to wait until things are better, I borrow more money... and the cycle continues... only this time, I didn't let her tell me to wait, and I paid her back for the last two times we borrowed!!!) WOO HOO!!!! If the account had been more, I would've done some home improvements while I was at it... put in a wood floor, put in a privacy fence... but now that we are debt free, I can save to do those things. Also had enough to sign kiddo up for football. WOO HOO!

I guess that's all my good news for now.
Tell me about your weekend! :)

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