Monday, July 26, 2004

It's a MONDAY...
It's definitely Monday.  Fortunately, I am still working today.  The company is great, the people are fun, and the work is easy, although extremely boring.  I have no idea how long this assignment will last, but hopefully, it will last a little while.  I was told by the temp service, it would be three days....the gentleman that I work for, he put my security pass at two weeks with the option to extend... so who knows!?!!

I had just typed the following line:  "I am working on a depression if I'm honest folkes.  I know that I shouldn't be"  and had stopped because someone came into my office.  Well that someone was another boss at the temp job I am working.  I have been offered to switch over to his department as soon as the job I am doing is done, and then I will be extended another 10 (TEN!!) weeks.  WOW.  Now if this could only work into a full time job, I would be thrilled. 

So, one of the things I was going to list, as reason for my depression, has been taken care of.  I will continue working.  WOO HOO!!!

I'm going to go now, so I don't get into trouble and loose this 10 week pass.
Tell me what's going on in your world...

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