Thursday, July 29, 2004

Where'd the Week GO?

I can't believe it's already Thursday... It's a RAINING Thursday here, weather is beautiful though - not too hard of a rain, cool, just the kind of weather I'd love to spend curled up reading a book through.  Unfortunately, I can't do that.  FORTUNATELY, I am working. 

My friend Wendy had a girl on her blog that she referred to as "Girl who's clothes don't fit".  I think I have officially become, "Girl who's bra stap always shows"TM.  I don't know why it is, I have actually gone out and bought GOOD bra's.  But in order for my clothes to fit around my middle, they are too big on my top, so my bra ALWAYS shows.  I've tried pinning it, I've tried wearing one that hurts my shoulders, never fails, no matter what, during at least one point in the day, I find my bra strap showing.  I know... TMI.  You really didn't care.  But it bothers me, so I had to share.

I've got work to do, so I'd better get.  Just thought I'd check in and say HI.

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