Friday, June 04, 2004

Jobless but not hopeless

Trying to be positive here. Not really working, but Krista would kick my ass if I said that too loud. Michelle, I know I need to finish your resume... working on that...

Hubby lost his job today. He was one of the 400 people in our area who were laid off from a particular company. So, now we are both jobless.

I know all the cliche's. Keep your chin up. God is only opening a new door for you. Look at this as an opportunity. Well. I did that when *I* lost *MY* job. Now both of us have lost our jobs. What the hell are we supposed to do now? I mean other than freak the fuck out? We've done what we are supposed to... we applied for unemployment. We've already faxed, emailed and mailed his resume several places. He's gone to go apply at a couple of places that we know have openings... but they pay less than his damned unemployment (which Won't cover the damned house payment.)

OH SHIT. FUCK. DAMN. Son of a BITCH. HELL. What are we going to do???

"That which does not kill us, only makes us stronger." Well, fuck. I'm tired of getting stronger. Fucking kill me now. SOMEONE? Damn it. No, I'm not damned serious. Just damned stressed. I KNOW we will be all right. Doesn't make this SUCK any less.

That is all. whining and bitching and cussing won't change things. Doesn't even really make me feel any better. Someone fucking hire one of us... PLEASE.

oh shit.

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