Monday, June 21, 2004

Happy Anniversary to me

Tomorrow is my eighth anniversary. I can honestly say, I did not expect to make it. I thought that seven year thing was going to break us. I thought that there was no way that I wanted to stay married to this... um... man (jerk? asshole? sweetheart? - depends on the time of day) that I am married to... however, I have made it eight years. For someone who, "is not the marrying kind", "won't last six weeks", "was just not made to be married", I think that I am a decent wife. Not that I am great. Not that I even want to be great. I am decent though. And he is decent. He is not great. He is not "the man of my dreams". Nor am I the woman of his. But, right now, when times are the toughest they have been in a very long time, he is turning to me to get through this. He is encouraging. He is doing little things to help make this an easier time. He is supportive. He is kind. He needs me, and he is asking me to need him. Me. Who doesn't want to need anyone. I know that marriage is a decision. I know that even love is a decision. I know too that happiness is a decision. Even in all this despair, and believe me folkes, this is NOT an easy time, he is deciding to be happy, and he decides to love me, and he decides that he wants us to be married.
Wow. Now, if I can just follow his example.

Anyway... Happy Anniversary to me. Eight years. Wow.

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