Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Hi Honey!

So, I pulled a REAL intelligent thing this afternoon... After being up half the night anyway... For some reason I'm not sleeping again... I thought, well, we've finally got the phone thing straightened out, so I'll call my friend Ren in Australia. I love to hear her talk. She has the softest voice, and is the sweetest lady... anyway. Somehow, I got my facts and figures screwy, and decided that I couldn't call her when I first thought about it because she would be at work... so then I waited until I THOUGHT it was around 9:00pm. Nope. I gave her a WAKE up call. 5:30 in the morning. I know that I suck at math, but damn. I'm amazed she was so sweet to me. I know I would've been a whole lot grumpier than she was! Anyway - HI honey! I put the link you gave me in my favorites, and I will CHECK next time I decide to call you!!!

Another note... Jamie... I'm serious. (If you can't give your friends shit through your own blog, what good is it to have a blog?)

Other news... not much news. No job still. Going to have a garage sale this weekend...I know, sounds just SO fun... but the WHOLE neighborhood is having a garage sale, so hopefully, will make a little money. (Don't necessarily expect to make a LOT of money - but a little would be nice.) Kiddo's great. Going to get an award for straight A's at school on Monday. WOO HOO! Neighbor lady has screamed at other children again, just not mine. So don't have anything new there. Life is. Nothing spectacular.

Until next time...

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