Monday, May 17, 2004

Still hanging around

Hi all! (by all, I mean all 6 of my readers - THANK YOU for reading!)

Things here are same. Still no job. Mom is better. House is clean (well, cleaner). Laundry is washing. Life is. I am BROKE. Kiddo is FABULOUS.

Oh, on a new front... neighbor is psycho! Kiddo now calls her the "Dragon Lady". I've tried discouraging it... but we all know how 10 year olds are.... And honestly, if I were 10, I'd be calling her the dragon lady too. Silly woman came outside and yelled at MY child. Ok, now... HONESTLY, I have a GOOD kid. I'm VERY lucky. He is respectful, he is friendly, he is polite, he is helpful... he is NOT destructive (on purpose - yeah, I know, I've said give the kid an anvil and a plowed field, and he'll tear them both up - but it is NEVER on purpose!!! )... and this witch has the stupidity to scream at my kid, and tell him (and three of his friends) that she is going to call the police on him, and have him taken to juvenile hall for vandalism. Wanna know why? Yep, I thought you did... because they (the neighborhood children) were playing with a softball, and my kid over threw the ball, so it rolled up and hit her garage door. Did NOT leave a mark, did not dent it, just rolled up. And the bitch went crazy. Had two of the other neighbor kids in tears. Did not come and talk to me about it. Just screamed at my kid (and the neighbor's kids). Guess how well that went over? hehe. Now, the bitch will deal with me. If my kid gets out of line, *I* will correct the problem. If the bitch says anything and yes, I do mean ANYTHING to my kid, he has permission to POLITELY tell her that she needs to talk to his mother, not to him. One of the other parents (the one who had the kids in tears) went over to discuss what happened with "dragon lady" and she went nuts on him too. Then SHE CALLED THE COPS. It was unreal. I wasn't home for that one...just got my info from all the other neighbors. Unfortunately, I live RIGHT NEXT DOOR to the bitch, so I have to pay closer attention to her actions than the rest of the neighborhood. Stupid bitch. Scream at my kid? When he DOESN'T deserve it? No, I don't think so. I do not think so at all.

Yep, that's my fun right now. Trying to explain to a 10 year old that he is not allowed to call the neighbor "Dragon Lady", when I want (and do - just not in HIS presence) to call her "stupid bitch".

Ah, life in the burbs. Gotta love it.
Wish me luck on a job ya'll. I really have GOT to get one.
Oh, and this weekend - is the neighborhood garage sale. So, I'm really gonna piss her off, and have a garage sale. Just what I wanted to do. (yes on the piss her off and no on the garage sale).
Until later... ya'll take care.

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