Monday, February 16, 2004

Did you have a good Valentine's?

I spent the weekend rather ill. BLAH. Not fun at all. Not something I care to repeat. So much for romantic Valentine wishes. (Not that I really had any - anyway.) It still sucked to be sick.

We took kiddo to the Monster Truck Races, before I got (real) sick, and he enjoyed those a whole lot. He is quite the knowledgeable little man on which trucks do what/ where they stand/ who's more powerful. I had no clue he was so interested. Wish I would've known sooner, might've done more to make things interesting for him. I'm really proud of the way he acted though. He had a ball, and was gracious about going.

That's all for now. I'm at work, but I still don't feel worth a shit, so I'm going back to my hiding at my desk.

Until later.

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