Friday, February 13, 2004

Been A While

So, yeah, it's been a while - sorry about that. Didn't mean to abandon you...just had, um, shit happening. Nothing really worth blogging about.

Kiddo got grounded... yep, little shit disappeared on me. Scared the hell outta me. I told him so too. I made him sit there and eat dinner, looking at me, knowing that I had been crying because I was so scared of loosing him. I wasn't very nice either. I looked at him and said, "That baby girl will never see her mamma again. That mamma will never be able to see her baby girl EVER again, she won't get to sit at the table like we are, do you know what that would *DO* to me"... I think I got my point across. He knows that I wouldn't do well without my baby boy. (Even if he's not so much of a baby anymore)

So, um, it's Friday the 13th. Yeah, fun. Nothing too bad has happened today. Got bitched out by my boss. She said I wasn't "as enthused" about things as she expected me to be. Um... gee, I wonder why. Get off my ass once in a while, and I will be happier to be here.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Do you have any big plans? Looks like I'm going to the Car Show and Monster Truck something or another... thanks mom. She is giving us the money to go for our Valentine's presents - Actually, it's for kiddo's Valentine's present, because I wouldn't let him go and spend the weekend with her because he's grounded, but it's also for us, so we will take him. Looks like we'll be going on Saturday. I think it will be fun, but very loud.

I'm going to an auction tonight... the one that is held EVERY Friday night. Next week, I get to go home. I'm excited about that. I talked to my Grams, and she said it has been too long, she misses me. I almost drove home right then. (Never mind the fact that it was Sunday at 8:30pm and I wasn't able to take vacation from work on Monday with such short notice...)

I'm kinda peeved at my dad. I know he's busy, but I've asked him to come and see me, or to let me buy him lunch or something for over a week now, and he hasn't been able to make time for me. I'm trying to be understanding, but Damn.

I guess that's all. I'm still loving my hair. I'm still hating my job. I'm just sort of here. I will try to be more "enthused" next week when I post....
'til then.

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