Tuesday, January 13, 2004

More Blahs

So, I saw this ad for what looks to be a job that is an answer to my prayers. Unfortunately, I can't get away from my office to go apply. How's that for SUCK? This job pays MORE than what I make, has better hours, and I currently do ALL the job functions at my job now. I faxed over my resume, and basically got told that I couldn't be considered unless I made the time to come and apply... and they only take applications from 9 -11 and 2 - 3:30. Now how in the hell am I supposed to go there an do that when I work 8 - 5:30 with very little to no lunch hour, AND it's all the way across town? Will someone please explain that to me? And no, they don't have an online app that I could fill out, thank you very much for calling. I have an idea. Why don't I send my friend in there to fill out the application and sign my name, then when it's time to interview, I'll go for the interview? Think that will work? .... me neither, damned it.

How about one of YOU nice readers just hire me? I make a DAMNED good personal secretary, I type close to 70 wpm, am excellent in excel, word, access and ok in powerpoint. I take good dictation, and I know how to schedule travel and hotels. I am excellent at setting up meetings in conference rooms, and I even make decent coffee. I'm not asking for too much, just $15.00/hr plus benefits.... I think I'm worth it. I also have excellent HR skills, and I know payroll. Anyone? Damn. I didn't think so... but it was worth a shot.

Speaking of Payroll, I'd better quit blogging and get it done, so my employees get paid this week. Have a good night ya'll.

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