Monday, December 08, 2003

Updates and such...

Well, I managed to get the school to see my way. They are not keeping kiddo in detention. Superintendent is looking at making sure at least principal is available for discussing things after children get home... and principal made sure that teacher will now call me before putting my child in detention - for any reason. Yes, I am a mama bear. I am now a happy mama bear.

Had a decent weekend. Got Christmas decorations up, got lights on the house, got things taken care of. Bought a couple of Christmas presents... mom is taken care of, kiddo is taken care of, mil (mother in law) is taken care of, sil (sister in law) is taken care of, have decided what to get bil (brother in law)... still have to pick up a couple of things, but all in all, am FINALLY on my way to getting ready for Christmas. This year, I am WAY late. I usually have Christmas all the way bought and wrapped. I am one of those annoying people who start buying Christmas presents in January. It's the only way I can afford to do what I want to do for my friends and family.

Work is work. I actually have a few open positions, and of course, no one to fill them. Frustrates the hell out of me. Either I have no positions, or I have no applicants. There IS NO Middle ground.

Rather a blah post, I am aware, but I am not really in the mood to get into all that is going on in my head today. Maybe tomorrow. I just wanted to update you all on the kiddo situation.

Oh, and I got these new mood things... we'll see how they work. I liked them because they weren't the typical smilies.

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