Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Don't mess with my cub

I have been SO angry these last couple of days. Kiddo's school has crossed the wrong bitch's path this time. THIS mama bear won't sit quietly while you teach my son that life is not fair. He has to learn that enough without those assholes enforcing the concept.

Ok, a little history... kiddo has tested at an 11.8 reading level - that's 11th grade 8th month. (he's in the 4th grade) - so the school has told him that he has to read books at least at a 6.8 -8.4 reading level... but the school does not have any short books at that level - they are all 290+ pages long. He's 10. They expect him to read enough of those books to have him at 50 points (each book is worth so many points) - he read his first book, it was 15 points, but it took him three and 1/2 weeks to read it. He is on his second book - another 14 points - but he hasn't finished it to take a "TEST" - so, he's now got "Lunch Detention" to read. This means that my child does not get to go out on the one recess that the school gives them... remember when we were in school - we got three... one in the morning, one at lunch and one in the afternoon.... not anymore... so they are taking away my son's one break a day for him to read (yeah, like this encourages him to read - punish him - that will make him LIKE reading - NOT) - then they don't allow him to carry his own book to the lunch room. They make him put it in a tub that gets taken... now when the tub didn't get taken yesterday, even though my son put his book where it was supposed to be - in the tub - did they allow him to go and get his book? Did they go and get it for him? NOOOOOO they made him write sentences his entire lunch break. THIS mom called BULLSHIT. So I have since talked to the teacher twice, the principal, my husband has talked to the principal, and I have talked to the superintendent of schools... guess who's child will no longer be in detention over books and reading. Especially since they are RUINING reading for the child.... yep. Don't mess with my cub. THIS mama bear will not sit by quietly. They have only just begun to know what kind of bitch I can be.


happy Wednesday.

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