Friday, December 19, 2003

I AM a good mom!

I went to kiddo's school yesterday... and I'm going today...

Yesterday, they had a "Parent Luncheon". So I went, and I ate "Turkey a la King" mmmm yummmmy... NOT. But I went, and I smiled, and I ate (moved things around my plate so I could go get something to eat later on) and I was present. Yeah MOM. Dad went too. Yeah Dad. Then Kiddo had a "Holiday Party" - damn I hate political correctness. So, anyway, I went to that too. Yeah Mom. Dad didn't go. It's ok dad. (hehe). Kids played Bingo (with M&M's - YUM!) Had treats. Made Christmas Crafts. and generally had a good time. YEA!

Today, I am going to the school "SING ALONG". My mom is going - WOO HOO GRANDMA! Dad is going, and I am going. So one side of the fam-damn-ly will be there. Poor kid. His grandma took him to breakfast this morning... lucky shit. He is really getting excited about Christmas. I am really getting excited about giving him his Christmas.

So, believe it or not, there was a point to this post. Other than talking about going to kiddo's school functions. It was what happened at the school function that made me so proud and made me say, I AM a good mama! Kiddo was asked what he wanted for Christmas, in his sweetest voice, he said, "I just want everyone to have a happy Christmas." Thinking that he was just being "programmed" to answer that, the teacher pushed on, that's really kind, but isn't there something that YOU want? "I want a welder for my dad." Teacher looks up at me, who is beaming with pride, because I didn't tell kiddo to answer those things... I told him to answer honestly, and so I prompted him, "isn't there something that you want for you?" Kiddo, "I am really happy, and I know that whatever I get for Christmas will be wonderful." Damn. Do I have a good kid or what? I really AM a good mama. Sometimes, it's the little things that remind us.

Have a good weekend ya'll. I'll be out finishing my shopping. Damned it.

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