Monday, December 22, 2003

It's ALMOST Christmas!

Who's done shopping? NOT me! I know, I know - that is SO unlike me. I am the one who is usually DONE by December 1. This year, it looks like it is going to be Christmas Eve before I am done. Damned it. I hate waiting this late in the year. It sucks.

I did get a LOT done this weekend though. I went to the mall. Yep. Me. I went to a mall - not just a mall I went to THE mall. Woodland hills. OMG that was a MAD HOUSE! I remember WHY I don't go to malls. I definitely remember why I don't go to malls at CHRISTMAS TIME! WOW. That was just crazy.

I only have two presents left though, so I am pretty happy. I'm just not going to be able to go and get those until tomorrow. Damned it. It's ok though. We'll have it done by the time we leave for home.

How's everyone doing on their shopping? Any other Christmas eve shoppers out there?

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