Thursday, November 20, 2003

New Friends

I am making a new friend today. So far, she seems pretty cool. She and I are a lot alike. More than I ever would've dreamed.

I got my ring back from the jewlers. I am very happy about that. Made kiddo happy too, as it's my "mother's" ring. It has only his birthstone in it...and I love it - because he "Gave" it to me. (My mom bought the ring, and kiddo gave it to me for a Christmas present). I also got my mom's ring fixed - and it's beautiful. If you are in Tulsa, might I recommend Odom's Jewelers. They are wonderful.

I got to talk to my friend Ren in Australia today. (It was 4:00am my time and 9:00pm her time.) MAN WAS THAT EARLY!!! (for me at least!) But it was a true joy to get to talk to her again. She has this amazing voice - she is so sweet. I am so honored to be her friend. Go see her - and say HI.

I'm looking forward to this weekend. I have BIG goals. I want to get my new window seat painted - I haven't painted it yet because it's been raining, and painting enamel during misty moisty weather is not a good idea. So I want to get that done, and then work on my office. I'm gonna try to get it all cleaned out and re-done so I can set up our home gym. I've decided that since hubby isn't doing it, I am going to. I want to see some results on my weight loss - and the one way I know to do that is to gently work out. My RA does not allow for a stressful work out. Anyway, I also want to get my shelves hung in my room, and go through some of my clothes to get rid of things I do not wear or will not wear or do not need. I'm tired of having all that crap in my closet. (Now shoes are a different matter, I'm not getting rid of ANY of those!) Then I'm going to load up my window seat with things from my kitchen - which is why it was built to begin with! - it should be dry enough by the time I get the rest of my stuff done.... in there sometime, I'm going to try to go to an auction, go to dinner with my new friend, and maybe go to dinner/lunch with my dad. I'm getting another desk from him, so I need to see him sometime this weekend.

My hubby and I are in disagreement over the dogs. My female is pregnant, and hubby says she is due any day - me, I think we've still got at least another two weeks. It amazes me how men can be so far off when it comes to gestational things. Anyway, I guess it really doesn't matter - I'm gonna have puppies in the house again! I'm really excited about that. They are so much fun for the first three weeks... after that, then they get to be a pain for the next three weeks, then they get to go to new homes! YEA!

I don't know how I'm going to handle Thanksgiving with dad. He usually works, so I don't think he'll be where I can see him, but I am planning a trip to hometown anyway, so I won't be in town, but I want to at least get to talk to him. This relationship of ours is an interesting one. He's doing more than he ever did before - when I was younger, if I wanted to talk to him, I had to call him. It wasn't that he wasn't thinking of me, he just didn't pick up the phone and call me - if I wanted to talk to him I called... now he calls me too. It's a nice change, and I think it means as much to me as anything. It's an interesting thing - this working on a relationship with my dad. It's not so bad anymore. It at least makes me feel more whole.

Hubby and kiddo are going hunting this weekend... did I tell you? I know, kiddo is a bit young, but he went the last two years anyway, and he's got his Hunter's safety course, and since it is private land, I'm not too worried. I think my biggest fear is that they WILL get something, and I'll actually have to cook it - again - and I don't much care for deer meat. Although, I have to admit, it will be nice for kiddo to get his first deer. It will either seal the deal and he will be an avid hunter from now on, or it will do what I hope, and it will make him never want to hunt another animal again...

I guess that's everything. I think I've got you caught up on my life. I will post again, when I have more..... Until then - M

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