Monday, November 17, 2003

How was your weekend?

So? How was it?

Mine wasn't bad. My husband and his friend built my window seat that my hubby has been promising me for the last two years, so that was WAY COOL! I get to paint it tonight, then find some material to make a window cushion, and it will be complete. I am really excited about having the extra storage, and it is good that hubby fulfilled a promise he'd been making.

Kiddo had a trophy presentation on Sunday - so we went and watched him get his trophy for football. He was so STOKED! So that was really cool. Then the team had the "end of the year party". Bowling. They had a ball. I spent $60.00 that I didn't have on Coaches presents - because no one else on the team thought it was a good idea to get the coaches something for spending their nights/weekends/ LIVES with these children for the last several months. I was glad I did. One of the coaches had never recieved anything before in any of the years he coached. And he's a DAMNED GOOD COACH. I don't know what it is with people these days. But I'm glad I did something to say thank you - my family appreciates you. Five coaches - five presents - $60.00 - well spent money in my opinion.

I still have laundry to do this evening, and I still have a ton of painting to get done on the trim work in the house - but it sure did make me feel good to get as much accomplished as I did this weekend. I know why my friends were there - to help, to make us stay, and to be good to me - and I sure do appreciate the efforts they've done.

So, I'm off to finish my window seat, and to pick out material. Tell me about your weekend... was it all you wanted it to be?

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