Wednesday, November 26, 2003


Happy Turkey Day! (well, almost)

Looking back on my life, thinking about all that I am Thankful for, I again realized that I am so very blessed. Yes, there are some changes that I am working on making, but overall, I am happy with my life and I realize how good I have it...

I have good friends - both IRL and on line. True friends, who I can count on, who count on me. I have people who actually read this blog, who I have never met, and may never know but for some reason they read, and come back to read more - that I am thankful for. I have both my parents, while they are not together, (Thank Heavens) they both love me. It has taken me a long time to know that. But knowing it now, has made me feel more whole. I have an amazing son, whom I would gladly give my life for. I have a very large family, while they sometimes make me crazy, I know that they love me - and I them. I have food on my table, warmth in my home, and love surrounding me... who could ask for more?

Be sure to tell those you are thankful for, that you are thankful for them. It will make a difference - even if it's only to you.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I will not be near a computer for the next five days - so I hope all goes well for you all...

Happy Thanksgiving - and thank you.

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