Monday, September 22, 2003

Weekend Is OVER!

Well, the weekend is definitely over, and although it wasn't a bad weekend, it wasn't all that wonderful either. I mean, I enjoyed Saturday, and going home to see the family, but it wasn't quite what I thought... or maybe I wasn't quite in the mood... or maybe my frame of mind wasn't quite where I needed to be. I'm not sure. I enjoyed spending time with my grandpa. That much I did very much enjoy. He told my grams that I was very very unhappy. Which succeeded in making me more unhappy. I hate for him to worry about me. It's the last thing he needs to be doing right now. His surgery isn't going to be for several more weeks. I can't imagine. However, his shithead of a doctor seems to think that things will be all right until that point. So, this week, he gets an echo- cardiogram. Next two weeks after that, doc goes to Rome. THEN surgery. Um, doc? What happens if one of the 3 (yep, found out it was three not two) blockages decides to block all the way? Oh, Gramps has a nice little heart attack... Um, does this mean I can sue you for malpractice? NO? Then, please do something!!! Damn, I hate idiots. Especially educated idiots. Especially extremely educated idiots. I guess my gramps has decided this is ok.

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