Thursday, September 18, 2003

Still Celebrating

Thank you very much to all who wished me a HAPPY Birthday! Both in my comments and on your blog and to those who came here from other blogs to wish me a happy day! I had a VERY good birthday!

I feel like I have been celebrating for days now! OH WAIT! I HAVE Been celebrating for days now! Silly me. *hehehe!*

Tonight I get to go to What my state calls a casino and spend some MONEY that isn't mine and gamble! I love to do that! If I win, I get to keep the winnings!!! If I lose, I haven't LOST ANYTHING! Either way, it will be good fun, good friends, and good times! No stress! That's what I am looking for!!

For those of you who are looking for news...still no word on what the doc said on my gramps. Will let you know as soon as I know ANYTHING.

Today, my boss brought in bagels and lowfat cream cheese for us to snack on and brought me presents. Then I actually had an associate (yep - someone who works for me at a client company) bring me a red rose... kinda made me nervous that one... but he's a sweet man, and he's basically harmless...

We wowed my boss with some pretty big things today- not sure that things are going to be positive, but we'll just wait and see. Seems one of my co-workers is leaving, so I may be the only one in this office... thereby running the office by myself. FUN STUFF... um, not.

Better run. I'll add more soon as I can.
Have fun ya'll. Thanks again for the awesome Birthday!

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