Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Read something today that made me smile... so I'm going to share.

10 Commandments for Viewing the World With Optimism

1. Thou Shalt be happy.
2. Thou shalt use thy talents to make others glad.
3. Thou shalt rise above defeat and trouble.
4. Thou shalt look upon each day as a new day.
5. Thou shalt always do thy best and leave the rest to thy God.
6. Thou shalt not waste thy time and energy in useless worry.
7. Thou shalt look only on the bright side of life.
8. Thou shalt not be afraid of tomorrow.
9. Thou shalt have a kind word and a kind deed for everyone.
10. Thou shalt say every morning - I am a child of my God and nothing can hurt me.

Now, if only it were truly that easy.

I'm kinda in a poetry mood today, so I'm going to quote one of my favorite authors... Javan.
Should I offer but a smile,
Please do not be disappointed
So many give
A lot less

I love that poem. It says SO much. I may not be able to give a lot, but at least I give a smile. Even when I don't like something or someone, I can at least offer a smile.

I saw quote that means a lot to me because my friend sent it to me. It's by Steve Tesich. I have no idea who he is, but I like the quote.
No birth certificate is issued when a friendship is born. There is nothing tangible. There is just a feeling that your life is different and that your capacity to love and care has miraculously been enlarged without any effort on your part.

Last one, then I'll quit. I'm not going to be true to it's form. I'm going to take a touch of literary grace with this one, because I don't like the way it's worded. It's to right wing christian for me to like it the way it is, so I'm re-wording it how I want to, and then I like it. It's my blog, so I can. The original author is Helen Steiner Rice, and if you want to know how it's originally written, ask me in my comments, and leave your e-mail and I'll send it to you...
ANYWAY... here goes:
Strangers are Friends We Haven't Met Yet
Know no strangers, Love us all
The poor, the rich, the great, the small
There is a friend, who is always there
to share our troubles, and lessen our care
For no one is a stranger in that sight
For there is love, and there is light
May we too try in our small way
to make new friends from day to day
So pass no stranger with an unseeing eye
For there may be a new friend going by.

Ok, I'm done with my sappiness for the day.
Don't know why I'm in this mood. Be glad when it's gone.
Have a good night.

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