Thursday, August 28, 2003

I have comments again!!! I am a happy person!

I went to my doc yesterday. He started me on a new medicine. It's not one that will make me "psycho" like the topamax does - although to be honest the topamax doesn't make me psycho, it just makes me stupid, and that's only every once in a while - I have a brain freeze and have to think for a minute or two about what I'm trying to say... annoys the hell outta me though - anyway - I got a new med - it's called hydroxychloroquine. yes, I had to look to see how to spell it. it's also called plaquenil. supposedly it will help with some of the swelling that has been going on. Seems that I'm a lucky child. Not only do I have RA, I have Osteo - arthritis as well. JOY JOY. Anyway, my doc is a good man. Has the bedside manner of a bed post, but he's a good man none the less. He said that we should be able to get a handle on this arthritis stuff and I should be able to live relatively pain free for the next several years... woo hoo! That is some wonderful news to me!!!!!!!!

All is well with the world right now. Now if I could just get a call from the interview I went on.... I would be very happy. Shhhh, don't tell my boss.

Have a good rest of the week. M

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