Wednesday, August 27, 2003

My comments aren't working. I didn't realize what a comment whore I was until it litterally pissed me off that they weren't there. I mean, I know that I LOVE seeing comments, and that I have whined about not having comments, but I didn't realize that it would piss me off not to have them there. damned it. OH WELL. I'll figure it out.

My good friend Craig finally got his own blog, after much bullying on my part. Actually, all I had to do was ask. He's pretty good to me that way. He's someone that I know that I can always count on. If I ever need someone, all I have to do is ask. Be it someone to lean on, someone to cry to, someone to share a joy with, someone to help me bury a body, Craig is someone I can count on - no matter what. He's a good man. I'm a lucky person to have him in my life. Now if I could just get him past being so damned unhappy, and get him to quit saying that "F" word so much. But, once you get past those things, you'll see that he really is a good person. go see him once in a while. He's a good man - leave him comments too. I'm gonna give him one of those interview things soon, so you'll see what he's really like... then I'm gonna ask him to do a 100 things list too.... but I can't ask him to do that until I get mine up... BTW, I'm on like 64 C or something like that... :) I was past 100 till I read Nicole's and she said that she hates it when people put things that are related on different lines, so I started mine over, and it dropped me down over half way again... so technically, you're gonna get WAY over 100 things about me because I'm giving you 1 then A B C then 2 then 3 then A then 4 then A B C D E etc.... so it's getting rather long. Speaking of Nicole... go see her - her best friend just got engaged! :)

Anyway, ya'll have fun. It's the middle of the week, and I'm not feeling so well, but I'm thrilled that the weekend is upon us, and that next week is a short week, and that we have a four day weekend!! I get to go HOME for the weekend!!! I get to see my GRAMS!!! I'm excited!!! It's beyond time.

Until next time. M

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