Monday, August 25, 2003

Kiddo played football this weekend... he did quite well! His team WON their game! 20 to 0. Kiddo played 3 and 3/4 of the 4 quarters of the game. Poor thing was HOT and worn out. Couldn't be because the temperature was 104 degrees outside???? He made one tackle that caused a fumble that his team was able to score from! I was so proud of the little guy! Big ole' football guy! His coaches were really patting him on the back too. I mean, I'm proud of him regardless, because he's mine, and all, but when all the other parents are telling your kid that he played a great game, and that he did great, and the coaches are telling your kid that he played a great game and that he did great - well, it makes your heart swell with pride. Especially when he looks at his coach and answers, "Thanks coach, but it's the whole team that did it, and we couldn't have done it without you teaching us how." You know, I've got a pretty amazing kid. Now that I've bragged on him, I have to tell you how his aligator mouth over ran his bumble bee butt and got his self grounded for the next week or so... Seems he was in the front yard playing with his friends from the neighborhood - all of them playing with the water - him with the water hose and them with their water guns, and one of them shot him in the eye with her "Super Soaker 2000" or some such, and he said the "F" word. Yep. that one. the BIG "F" word. That in and of itself is bad. But, he also said the "H" word, no, not hell. the other one. Think about it. The one that I don't allow in MY household. Yep. HATE. Kiddo has not been allowed to HATE ANYTHING except throwing up, and the devil/evil. Period. We don't hate people, we don't hate food, we don't hate religions, we don't hate colors, we don't hate noises, we don't hate. We strongly dislike. But we simply do NOT hate in my house. So, for him to say, "I Fucking Hate you". Wow. That was BIG. That was VERY VERY big. And, he didn't mean it. He instantly regreted it. He instantly apologized for it. He instantly came in and confessed to saying it. And then ON HIS OWN wrote an apology for it. BUT HE SAID IT. It was not good. So, he's facing the consequenses of his actions. It sucks getting big. I still think I have a pretty amazing kid. I'm regretting some of the influences he had while at camp this summer, but I'm working on that right now too.

Have a good week.

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