Monday, August 11, 2003

So, I changed the links on the side, just a little. I'm still not sure how to link a picture or I'd do that. I have an awesome picture of my kiddo that I'd really like to show you. He is such a ham. I'm amazed at just how big he's getting. I just can't help but think it was yesterday when he was born, and it wasn't. Somehow, it sure does feel that way. He went to work with his daddy today, because I was running late, and I didn't have time to take him to day camp and his dad felt like taking him to work instead of taking him to camp, so he went to work with dad... anyway.... He had the opportunity to meet a congressman. He called me all excited and said, "Guess what mommy, I got to shake the hand of a real live congressman today!!!" Of course I answered with the appropriate WOW! That's fantastic! (And to hubby, I asked, what are you doing allowing my son around slime like congressmen?) (HEHEHE!) Kiddo was really excited. So it was a great day for him.

Work was still work. Crazy busy. I remembered again why I love doing what it is that I do. I put people to work. I give people jobs. I let people feed their families. I MAKE A DIFFERENCE in someone's life. That's a pretty powerful feeling. It's moving. It's motivating. When someone calls you up and says, "Thank you so much, Michele, I know that my kids are going to get to have the school supplies that they needed now, because I have this job that you gave me” You know, That's one hell of a feeling. That's making a difference. Yes, there are the shit heads who no show. I had some. I'll probably have some tomorrow. I had one man call me everything BUT a white woman today, although, technically, I think some of the names he called me belong to a woman... or at least are body parts OF a woman... and other names he called me are a female technically... but most of the rest of the adjectives didn't have much to do with females or women. Oh well. I was glad when he left.

My "friend" came in today. So at least I know he's alive. He barely spoke to me. He got his check - did I mention that I'd put him to work as a favor so he could afford his meds? - Anyway, he got his check and gave me back my house key - and left. No kiss my butt; no see ya around, no thanks for saving my life. Oh well. I did what any real friend would do, and maybe someday he'll know that. Maybe he'll be forced to get the help he really needs. If not, then it's out of my hands. I did what I felt was best. I called the police, and I was a friend to him. I will tell you that he had the good grace left to blush when he saw me. So, I'll try to give him the space he needs, and not push, but I'll send him a note and let him know that I am still a friend, and that when he decides that act like a friend, we can have a discussion.

Anyway, just wanted you to know that I'm not completely out of my mind. Things are still crazy busy, but I'm handling things a little better. Stress is still through the roof. But I've got a little bit better attitude about it. That or I woke up on the right side of the bed today... I don't know for sure. I've been laughing all day today. Maybe I've just finally lost it completely and I haven't yet realized it. (If that's the case, please don't tell me - I'm really liking where I am). Ya'll have a good night. I'll talk to you as soon as I can.


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