Tuesday, August 05, 2003

FromNicole a 5-question interview.

Here are the rules of the game.

1. If you want to participate, leave a comment saying "interview me" (or something that gets that point across).
2. I will respond by asking you five questions - each person's will be different.
3. You will update your journal with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview others in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

1. You mentioned that your husband proposed multiple times before you accepted. Why did you hesitate and what finally made you say yes?
Well, the first time that my husband proposed to me, I was entirely too young to marry. The next few times, I just was not ready to settle down yet. I was unsettled, and kept thinking that there was something “more” out there, although, I just didn’t know what that “more” was. I kept looking for something outside of myself to make me happy, and I couldn’t accept that happiness was found within. I had several trust issues as well. I did not know how to trust men, and no matter how hard I pushed, C stuck around and said he’d always be here. He swore he loved me and that he always would... I guess I finally just believed him. I also was not certain that I knew how to be faithful. Mom set a good example of being a faithful wife, but my dad always had a wife and a girlfriend. Somehow I just thought that was how it was supposed to be. I really wasn’t a good girlfriend for a while...I just didn’t have that “faithful gene” in me... I really screwed up a few men. I regret that now. I have learned from my mistakes, if that makes a difference. But I didn’t want to mess up kiddo’s life by having men in and out of it... I wanted to make sure that the man I married would be a good dad for him, and would be a good provider for us. I really am lucky that my husband has been all of those things and more.

2. You say that you have a negative self-image, but everyone has positive qualities. What is it that you love about yourself?
I have been told that I have a great smile. But to be honest, I think it’s too big... my eyes are my favorite feature physically. They change color with my mood and with what I’m wearing. They are basically blue, but go from slate to bright almost cornflower blue to dark almost black. My other favorite quality is that I am a good hearted person. I try to be encouraging, and I try to be good to people. Don’t get me wrong, I can be a real bitch, but who can’t, but for the most part, I have a good heart.

3. If this were your last day on earth, how would you spend it? With who? What would you do?
On the surface, it seems this would be an easy question for me to answer, because of who I am, I would naturally say, that I would spend it with family... but what family? Doing what? It’s a harder question than it originally seems. Because if it were my last day on earth, I would want to spend it with all of my family – with mom, with dad, with my grandparents, with my aunts, with my uncles, with my cousins, but I would also want to spend it with my son – one on one time doing something that would really make an impression on him, something that would last forever, because it would be the last day that he would have with me and the last day that I would have with him. I would also want to spend it with my husband, making love, hanging out, doing nothing, but doing the things we enjoy as well, going for a long motorcycle ride...then there are my friends, I would not want to leave this world without spending some time with my friends, and if I could, I would take the time to meet my on-line friends as well. There are people out there whom I have never met IRL that I care very much about, and to have never had the opportunity to meet them, well, that would be a real shame. So, to be honest, I don’t know what I would do if this were my last day on earth. I would probably do my best to make the most of my day – to make as many memories as I possibly could for those I loved, to tell as many people as I could how much I loved them and how much they meant to me, and how they had affected my life specifically.

4. If you had unlimited resources, what would be your ideal life? Describe the people, the places you’d be, and a typical day.
If I had unlimited resources, I would be very wealthy, but not snobbish. I would have a very large home probably in, of all places, Osage County, Oklahoma. But I’d also have homes in other places as well. I would learn to fly a plane, and I would have a pilot’s license with a plane of my own. My mom would not have to work, other than as a sitter, as she wanted to, and my grandparents would never have to worry for money again. My mother in law would never have to work again either, and my sister in law would have her own home, with enough money to be financially secure for the rest of her life. Each of my aunts would have their own homes, decorated as they desired, with a vehicle they desired. My uncle would be given enough money to re-build his house entirely, if he so desired, but enough to be even with his sisters. My dad’s family would all be given generous gifts as well, and my grandparents on his side would not have to work again either. I would definitely travel frequently, I would show my son all the places that I have been, and all the places that I’ve ever wanted to go. I was very fortunate as a young woman to get to travel with my great grandmother, and I traveled around the United States with her. She made certain that I spent at least one night in each of the 48 continental United States. I would do the same for my son. I would show him all the things that make this country unique. I would make two specific trips back to Spain. One with my mother, and have her show me the places that she remembers when we lived there, and one with my father and have him show me the places that he remembers from when we lived there. I want to get a full picture of our life together there. I think that my ideal life would be full of travel, but not full of flash or fame. I would not want to be a “star”. I really think that a typical day would be fly out to the hometown, pick up my grams, take her to someplace wonderful to eat lunch, fly back, pick up my grandpa, take him on a short trip letting him see whatever he wanted to see that week, go home, get kiddo from school, help with homework, fix dinner, go horseback riding, go swimming, take shower, go to bed... get up, get kiddo off to school, fly off to somewhere fun for the afternoon, be it CA or AZ or OH or whatever struck my fancy that day, fly home in time to pick kiddo up from school, go to football practice, help with homework, go out to dinner, take shower, go to bed. Just add a whole bunch of flying and take away work... and my life would be wonderful. 

5. Everyone has secret wishes/desires for their life. What’s yours? Has it been fulfilled? If not, do you think it will ever get fulfilled?
I want to learn to fly. I almost got to have lessons, but the man I was going to learn from had something come up so he wasn’t able to teach me after all. It is a true desire of mine to learn to fly, so I think it will be fulfilled at some point in my life. I just don’t know when. Airplane fuel is very expensive, and it’s not something I can afford right now, plus renting a plane is almost $100.00 per hour. That’s just not an expense I can justify with a 9-year-old son at home, and bills to pay. But someday, I hope.

By the way... Nicole, sorry this took me so long... but it's here. :)

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