Thursday, July 31, 2003

Either I don't post often enough, or nobody loves me. I never have comments. Ok, sometimes I have comments. But not often. It's pretty rare. I guess if I'd post something that got people riled up, like Tracy sometimes does, or something witty like Babz sometimes does, or something motivating or snarky or moving or profound... but I don't. I whine about my life. I try to discover who I am. I guess that's why I don't get a lot of comments. It's more for me to discover than for you to tell. I post when I have time. I post when I have motivation. I don't pour all of my soul out here for you to see, but I do open a window, that maybe lets you get a peek inside. I hope that maybe you like what you see. I am trying very hard to like what I see. That's my first step. I really was a spoiled little brat. I had a lot of love surrounding me. But I had a lot of negative things surrounding me too. I am a definite survivor. I've been working on my 100 things list - but I'm almost afraid to post it, because I know that family will learn things that they never knew. I'm not sure I want that to happen... My aunt told me to be aware of what I was posting because her cousins were reading my blog. I knew they were. I was glad to see them. I wasn't aware that she was. But I'm glad to see her too. It's all part of this self awareness thing I'm trying to find. If I'm not comfortable with my family knowing me, then why would I want strangers knowing me? So... Hi ya'll. Enjoy the ride. M

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