Tuesday, July 22, 2003

So last week was the week from hell. The weekend was NOT much better. The dogs went with us to hometown, and got out from mom's yard...(yes they are back) we had an extra kiddo... plus it was hot. And I don't mean just hot. I mean it was hotter than any human should have to tolerate hot. 110* F in the damned shade...and that WAS NOT the heat index...because humidity was through the freaking roof... HOT.

I am feeling better. My back is healing slowly, but it is healing. I am able to move around without wanting to throw up. I had a couple of good doctor's appointments yesterday. Starting the week off with doc appointments probably wasn't the wisest thing to do, but it was nice to have good ones. The RA doc gave me some hope, he felt my RA was going to be easily manageable. POSITIVE! He also was very thorough with his evaluation, so that made me feel good too. He also insited that I have a TON of x-rays... I feel like I should glow in the dark now, but it's ok... I also went to my reg. doc. He's a cool guy. He gave in and gave me my topamax for my migraines. I've only been bugging him for three months now... he asked me where I got my M.D.... so I told him my Cracker Jack BOX! But I got my meds none the less. Mom would rather know what is causing the migraine, but me, I'm happy to have something that should prevent them. I get to start on the meds on Friday! :)

So, I'm trying to go about some of these things with a better attitude. Still kinda in a bad place with hubby, but not as bad as I was. He is a good man. I have to give him more credit. He tries very hard. So, I'm doing what I can to be more understanding and less a bitch. Wish me luck.

Anyway, thought I'd update those of you who care that I'm doing better. Health is getting better. Trying desperately to get back my better attitude. :) Things will be better soon... and if they aren't well, since in my doc's words, Topamax "makes you stupid" - I won't give two shits anyway. ;)


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