Friday, July 18, 2003

Sorry I haven't been around much to post. I've been at work, but mostly just as a zombie... don't know what I did to my back over the weekend, but it's still screaming mean things at me. Lortab/Soma/Flexeril/Darvacet and Prednizone are doing nice things though. No, I don't take them all at'd really get some interesting posts then, wouldn't you?!?!!

Just confirmed my RA appointment on Monday. I'm so glad that it is FINALLY almost here!! I can get some answers to questions that I've been discovering. Seems the more research I do, the more questions I have. So, now I have to find out what is going on in my own body, so I can ask the proper questions, and get the answers I need to know... did that make sense???

I'm babysitting. My mom's fur ball. Technically, it's a Yorkshire Terrier. It's a fur ball. It almost weighs more than I'm allowed to pick up, but thankfully, she jumps, so I can manage. She's a funny little dog. Scared to death of my own BIG dogs.

UPDATE I cut this part because I was told it didn't need to be left on my page any more. I still have it. It's just not out there for all of the public to read.

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