Friday, July 11, 2003

Had a FABULOUS time getting my henna tattoo! Pics will be up soon as I get them developed and figure out how to post pictures. We had take out - and laughed - and listened to WONERFUL music - eclectic music - drank good wine - and henna stained my leg/ankle. It's a Moroccan looking design according to my friend. Her son is SO wonderful! Intelligent, bright, funny, TALL, and OH MY GRACIOUS - ADORABLE!!! We talked about old friends, and new friends, old loves, new loves, and life in general. All in all, it was WAY more than I expected, and I pray she had as good a time as I. She even read my tarot cards for me! I've only done that once or twice before in my life, and she'd never read the cards for anyone, but the reading I had was RIGHT ON. FRIGHTENINGLY RIGHT ON! She is someone that I hope I will be able to spend more time with in the future. I'd love to have her and her son out to my house next time.

Talked to Grams on the phone...she's feeling "fine"; and Daddy's surgery is still next week. He's feeling "ok". I'm gonna work on a project over the next little bit to help Grams make some sort of book for all the information she got on her mom. I think it will make a nice present. I hope.

This weekend is resting. Relaxing. Hanging out at our pool. Doing laundry. Fixing the vacuum. Doing nothing. Inviting friends over to play farkel or dominoes. Doing more nothing. Letting the boys do as they wish. RESTING.

Don't know what it is, but a post that should've taken me less than 15 min to write, even with interruptions, has taken me the better part of the day because my hands hurt so much today. I've just sat with them curled up most of the day... not good for work, but I can't help it. Either I sit here with my hands curled, or I take a couple stronger painkillers (stronger than Aleve or Advil that I've been taking for work purposes) and really not do well here at work... hmmmm....options options options.... lemme think about it a while.

Anyho. That's all I know for now. Next Tuesday I get mom's furball to baby-sit for the weekend. I'm thinking it will be fun to have her around. But I gotta get things picked up off her level. (Thus the getting the vacuum working again is important).

OH. I forgot. Kiddo broke my wedding glass. Not his dad's. Mine. The one we toasted with. I'ma wondering if that's a sign or something. You know...that 7-year hex, two separate readings, one over the net that said changes were a comin' (in my job) and then a tarot reading in person that said changes are a comin (in both my physical and spiritual being)... then getting my glass broke... is karma talking to me here?

Now that's really all I know for now. Hope ya'll have a good weekend. S, lemme know what weekend you'll be in hometown, if I can, I'd like to see Emma in person, and I'd like to hug your neck just once, plus if it's after my appointment, I might like to bend your hubby's ear a bit, but not too long, cause I know you're gonna be on vacation.

Have a good weekend yall. I'll talk to you soon. M

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