Friday, June 06, 2003

Found out that my link to Babz didn't work, so I fixed it. Thanks C!

Things have been on the up turn latesly, and I'm almost afraid of it. Not certain why, just seems that everytime things are positive, something sends them back to shit. But I must say that I am tentatively enjoying this turn around.

Still working on that 100 things. Wondering what on earth I do to link to it later... but that will be something I will just have to figure out. Right? Right.

One of the things that is negative is that I just set up our swimming pool... 18' across by 42" deep. and it has rained. EVERY day. I was planning on using that for exercise, and it has RAINED. figures. That's ok. This summer it will be all right. I will enjoy it tremendously.

I'd better get back to work. I will try to post more later... pretty cool - more than one post this week - do you feel special? Don't get used to it, I'm just NOT that organized!!!! :)


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