Thursday, June 05, 2003

WOOOHOOO!!! I GOTTEM WORKING!!! I am so PROUD of me!!!! I did it all on my own, without asking for help!!! Now, I have a new plainer design...the flower was really pretty, but I'm more of a plain person right now. I think it's just the time I'm going through in my life. Although, I have to once again, thank Nichole for all she did to help me!! She's on hiatus right now though. I feel guilty because I haven't been reading her much lately. I haven't been reading ANYONE much lately... family...and Babz, and Tracy. I haven't been keeping up with my OWN daily reads... just haven't had the time to be able to do so. Work has been just stupid crazy, and the home computer is down more than it is up... so that leaves me with trying to read what I can in between interviews, data entry, and begging for jobs for people.

Because he said I didn't post about him... HI C! I've missed you. I'm glad you are back!!

Well, I'm trying to get things done, so I guess that is all for the moment. I'm gonna go chat with C and let this applicant finish his paper work, then going HOME... have a good night all.

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